November 1, 2012


Check out our reflections of the SleepOut that WFMY participated in on Thursday ūüôā

October 25, 2012

Professor Halpin’s Class are our first of the Year!

A BIG Thank you to Professor Halpin’s Cell Biology Class. This small group of students collected over 100 items!

Every year this class have participated in our project and we cannot thank Professor Halpin enough for her continued support in this project!

Our boxes go out tomorrow morning! Be sure to bring in your donations by November 16th

August 27, 2012

Classes Start at UNH

It’s the first day of classes at UNH Manchester :)! It’s so nice to have all the students around on campus again. WFMY will be starting up very soon! Stay tuned for more information. Also if you want to become involved as a volunteer, donor, or recipient organization please visit our website and send us a request!!

April 12, 2012

Oral History Project with Kids at the Beech Street School

For the last nine weeks, WFMY has been working in collaboration with the 21st Century After School program at Beech St. School in Manchester.  We have had a dedicated group of 17 students, grades 3 Р5, who have met weekly to learn about leadership by completing oral history research projects about some of the leaders in their school. Our focus has been on having students learn that they have many opportunities to become leaders in all of the communities they are a part of.

After talking about leadership and community, we covered some interviewing techniques and the students did a practice interview with Professor Barbara Jago from the Communication Arts Department here at UNH Manchester.¬†We spent another week working on questions that we would like to ask the different members of the school community.¬† Then, on week 4, with video cameras rolling, we broke out into small groups and each group interviewed a member of the school community.¬† We interviewed two different teachers, the school social worker, the reading coach and the Bilingual Parent Liaison.¬† The students spent a couple of weeks creating a story about the person they interviewed.¬† Finally, during the last week, they presented their stories to members of the Beech St. community, UNH staff, and family members.¬† We celebrated their work by awarding them leadership certificates and hosted a celebration for all attendees.¬† Our students have said that they learned that “leaders are people who help each other,” and “leaders try to get along with the people in their community”.

During the next 9 week session, our students will transform from learning about leadership to becoming leaders.¬† They will be participating in a “Readers to Leaders” program in which they work with younger students in their school to help them become more proficient readers.

April 6, 2012

PASS Program Wins Award!

Students, faculty and staff at PASS (Program Alternative to Secondary School) in the Manchester School of Technology (MST) collaborated with students and faculty from UNH Manchester’s Community Leadership Program to provide warm clothing to thousands of people in this area. They showed us how service projects can be good for the community and powerful tools for integrated learning. Teachers and students have been using the Warmth from the Millyard project as a foundation for study in all of their classes. They identified where hundreds of items of clothes are made, learning more about geography, economics and politics. In Math and Technology, they created databases and developed statistical analyses.

In English and Communication, they worked with UNH Manchester students to create public conversations about readings related to community activism, social justice and leadership. As part of their work in Business, they contacted and met with numerous business owners and recipient organizations, learning public speaking and project management skills. During the celebration of this partnership this winter, PASS and UNH students worked together to share their successes with Manchester teachers and administrators, community and family members, and Governor Lynch.

April 6, 2012

Girltopia Expo 2012

The Girltopia 2012 event was an amazing opportunity that was given graciously by the Girl Scout organization to the  Warmth From the Millyard project! This event was held on February 25th at St. Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire.  2,500 girls and adults celebrated the Girl Scouts 100th anniversary and also donated over 500 items of warm clothing to our project.

There were around 100 booths set up and UNH Manchester’s Warmth From the Millyard project was one of them.¬† Our volunteers helped spread the message about the needs of the Manchester community by collecting scarves, hats, neck warmers, mittens, gloves, and also a small amount of canned food.¬† We also made origami hearts as a fun activity for the girls and even the adults. This experience was fun and the message was pure: to learn about different organizations in the community leads to ‚Äúdiscovery, connecting, and taking action‚ÄĚ, which is a great Girl Scout message.

April 6, 2012

Far-Away Georgians Visit The Millyard

Written by Herb Pence

Five college leaders from the Republic of Georgia, located on the eastern shore of the Black Sea, visited the UNH Manchester campus in March. They were on a U.S. Department of State sponsored visit to the U.S. The trip’s purpose was to expose them to university student governance and communication.

The delegation included Anna Dularidze, Deputy Director of¬†the Student Alpinist Club, Ilia State University; Aleksandre Kotetishvili, studying to¬†be a¬†neurosurgeon and a member of the Student‚Äôs Self-Government at Tbilisi State Medical University; Giorgi Monavardisashvili, coordinator of ‚ÄėStudents Employment Center of Georgia‚Äô, a non-governmental organization; Tamar Mrevlishvili, a student in the Department of Bankingand Finance, Batumi State University; and Nino Shengelaia, a member of¬†Student Self-Government, Tbilisi State University.

They are part of a premier group of 4,500 international visitors selected annually to learn more about specific aspects of U.S. life. Each group spends between 15 and 21 days in the United States, visiting three to five cities across the country.

The delegation met with Ginger Lever, director of Marketing & Community Relations,and Elizabeth Brideau, a student intern, to learn more about the Warmth from the Millyard project. The Georgians were excited about the concept, as their country experiences cold weather, too. It is a project which can easily be implemented on their campuses.

This group was funded by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S.Department of State. Members were hosted nationally by Meridian International Centerand locally by the World Affairs Council of NH.

February 24, 2012

WFMY is now a club at UNHM!

Warmth from the Millyard is now a club at UNH Manchester!  Special thanks to Beth Brideau for making this happen!  We are recruiting new members!  The club already has a great group of students and we welcome many more!  E-mail Beth at if you are interested in joining!

February 24, 2012


Warmth from the Millyard will be attending the Girl Scouts of the Green & White Mountains Girltopia expo!  Saturday, February 25th at the Carr Center on the campus of St. Anselm College.  The expo celebrates 100 years of Girl Scouting as they explore the world around them! Explore interactive exhibits, participate at the improv stage, check out our raffle items, visit our 100th Store, shop at our camp merchandise clearance sale, and have fun at the photo booth. Visit the Girl Scout Museum and travel through the last 100 years of Girl Scouting.

Warmth from the Millyard will have a booth set up at the expo and will be speaking to Girl Scouts and their troop leaders about how to get involved in our clothing drive campaigns.  We will have activities for the girls and they will receive a Girltopia Expo 2012 patch if they bring in two of the following items for Warmth from the Millyard:  socks, hats, or mittens!

February 24, 2012

WFMY teams up with the NH DOT!

Warmth from the Millyard is teaming up with the NH Department of Transportation for a spring clothing drive!  We are thrilled to be collaborating once again with the DOT on gathering clothing for those in need!