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December 10, 2011

Student Project Gives Warmth to Community–Union Leader Article

Check out an article about us in the NH Union Leader today!

December 9, 2011

Working with Makeover Ministry of Manchester

I have been working in partnership with the Makeover Ministry of Manchester throughout this project as well as the majority of my life.  They are an extremely grateful recipient of the clothing we have donated to them. These donations allow them to provide clothing for all types of people who come every week, people in all different shapes and sizes.  This winter unfortunately many of the previous donor organizations that they typically receive clothing and donations from have not been able to provide for them.  There is a growing demand for items this year and many of the ‘usual’ donor organizations just do not have the products to distribute this year.

I know that the Makeover Ministry is extremely grateful to be involved with the Warmth From the Mill Yard project because not only have we been one of the only major clothing donors they have received anything from this year but also they said they appreciate the warmth and care we have expressed to them.  Unfortunately, they have actually had to turn away some families this year because there was simply not enough to go around for two consecutive weeks before we first started donated clothing. In Manchester alone there are over two hundred families each week that come in dire need of clean clothing, food, and hope, all of which the makeover ministry strives to supply.  Words truly cannot define how deeply appreciative the Makeover Ministry is of WFMY’s expression of kindness and the benefits that we have provided them with this year.  The Makeover Ministry hopes that they will remain a partner with the Warmth From the Mill Yard project in future years to come.

As a sidenote, I have also been working with the Board of Realtors and Prudential Verani who have generously donated well over 300 coats to our organization.

Thank you to all!

~Patrick Monahan

December 9, 2011

Thank you, City Year and A Market Natural Foods!

This year, City Year was able to partner with Warmth from the Millyard by acting as a donor organization.  Throughout the course of the drive, City Year New Hampshire kept a donation box in its office.  Staff members and Americorps participants alike made generous donations of warm clothing.  Their support is greatly appreciated!

A Market Natural Foods also hosted a donation box during the drive, which was accessible to both A Market employees and shoppers.  The A Market staff was incredibly excited to be a part of the drive and took it upon themselves to make extra flyers, signs and to create a lovely display for the box at the entrance of the store.  At the end, one store manager actually thanked us for allowing them the chance to participate.  The shoppers and employees at A Market also made generous donations of clothing through the duration of the drive.
~Jillian Trieff
December 7, 2011

Reflections and Appreciation

How did the organizing process go for students of the WFMY project? Below are a few reflections from UNH Manchester students on what it was like to connect clothing donations with recipient organizations who will give out the clothes to those in need.

“It was funny to learn that PASS had also made a contact with Malden Mills who donated a great amount of polartec fleece for their blanket project. As my donor partner was my father, coordination was very easy. The new garments that he collected were some of the first brought it and the first to go out. The recipients had a specific need through the Manchester YWCA. It was very rewarding for me personally to, in a sense, “know” who was benefiting from this donation and to think how nice something brand new would be for a single mother of two. My dad has also committed to continue to donate any new garments once they are no longer needed by the sales department.” ~ Samantha Lang

“I worked with James Matriscola Elementary as a donor organization.  On November 18th, I went with two other students to the elementary school to meet the students and pick up the boxes.  Paula, the student council teacher, organized a drive at the elementary school with the student council.  They collected a remarkable amount of clothing and we brought it back to UNHM to be sorted.  On Nov 18th, I also delivered two bags of clothing to Child & Family Services.  They were so greatful and said, “Every little bit helps!” It was such an amazing feeling.  The clothing delivered to Child & Family Services goes to the runaway and homeless youth program.” ~Molly Miller

” My donor was Nashua Community College and Amy was the one who helped me a lot with this project. I really appreciate her help. I emptied the clothing boxes twice during this clothing drive. Thank you WFMY project and thank you Nashua Community College and staff.

“My recipient organization was Nashua Soup Kitchen. I have been there twice. The first time I went there, I asked how many clothes they needed and what kind of clothes they wanted. They told me that they only need jackets and sweaters. On November 18, I brought in a big bag of jackets and signed in their donor’s book with UNH Manchester as the donor.  They are now waiting for more, as much as we can give. The second time I visited them, many people were waiting in line for food and warm clothes. They were so happy to see somebody bringing in a big bag of warm clothes.” ~Straton Kabalisa

December 6, 2011

Reflections on WFMY

As WFMY reaches its final stages, UNH Manchester students were asked to share their reflections on the work they had done to organize this clothing drive. As student Courtney Smith shares,

“Both of the organizations that I was able to recruit as donors were at my parent’s workplace.  These businesses were Don Kennett’s and NDD Medical Technologies.  I was nervous in the beginning, thinking that I wasn’t going to be able to find donors but, I shortly realized that we were able to reach out to anyone and I chose the people that were closest to me, being my parents.

NDD was very successful in bringing in clothing.  Although they are a very small business consisting of only seven employees, they managed to bring in over 50 items.  Don Kennets, my dad’s work, is a little bigger and has 15 employees.  Kennett’s was only able to bring in 30 items, more than I originally thought and that’s all that matters!

With everyone’s participation, we are sure to make our goal of 3,000 items.  I was also in charge of DCYF and collecting clothing for them.  They needed clothing for 3 young children, 2 boys and a girl.  They mainly needed pants and sweatshirts.  I was able to collect a little over 20 items for them and they received it on November, 18th.”

December 2, 2011

Creating Lasting Connections

The Warmth from the Millyard project has reached its current position because of  the connections we‘ve all made. The connections between the members of our class, between PASS and UNHM, and between our donor and recipient organizations have all been at the forefront of the work being done. Without these relationships we’d have nothing to work with or for.

Heather Monty, of Helping Across the Seas (H.A.T.S.),  provided seventy hand knit hats to WFMY and was thrilled knowing the donation would go to local organizations. I hope the relationship will continue on in upcoming WFMY drives.

Families in Transition (F.I.T.) is an example of one of those caring local organizations WFMY has connected with for the good of the local community. F.I.T.’ s goal to aid individuals and families to break the cycle of homelessness works seamlessly with the WFMY goal to bring warm clothing to New Hampshire. Hopefully it’s another connection that will continue on in future years, possibly with hand-knit hats for children.

I’d like to thank both H.A.T.S. (Helping Across the Seas) and F.I.T. (Families in Transition) for making this relationship such a great one. I can only hope that these two great organizations continue their work in the community and that their connection with WFMY will be a part of their on-going success.

~Kenneth Drews

Meeting with Heather Monty from H.A.T.S. by the WFMY Storage Locker