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November 19, 2011

A Busy Friday of Bagging and Bonding

UNH Manchester students were hard at work today in the final days of the Warmth from the Millyard project! The morning began with a planning session in the classroom to determine what needed to be accomplished but students quickly went in different directions as some drove to pick up clothes from donor organizations like Merrimack Elementary while others went downstairs to begin sorting the received clothing and putting together orders for recipient organizations.

It was a great experience to watch the process unfold and see the students come together as a team to make this clothing drive happen. At 10:15, everyone rejoined in the classroom to participate in a Skype call with their partners from the Manchester School of Technology PASS Program. During this call, the UNH and PASS students updated each other about how many clothes they had collected, where they were in the process, and how this project has impacted them.

Skyping with PASS students!

During our sorting session, we received an extremely generous donation from Jim Martin with the Department of Environmental Services. As we unloaded the items from his car, Martin was able to meet Barbara Buccino from Makeover Ministry, an organization that will be receiving many articles of clothing from this clothing drive.

Barbara, in the green sweatshirt, beside Jim Martin of DES

The contributions of the DES ranged from new to used clothing and filled our small storage locker almost to capacity! Thank you, DES!

Although November 18th marks the end of the WFMY clothing drive, it is not the end for the students of CSL 401! There is still clothing that needs to be sorted and delivered before the celebration of another successful WFMY drive can begin!

Keep up the good work!

November 17, 2011

Where Those Clothes are Collected . . .

During the Warmth from the Millyard Clothing Drive, no detail can be overlooked. This includes providing containers for people to be able to donate clothing. With this in mind, UNH Manchester student Jola Leary developed a unique partnership to make things a little easier! As Jola relates,

“Warmth from the Millyard is happy to be in a partnership with Segway Inc. in Bedford, New Hampshire! Having to transport large segway components, their boxes are the perfect size for collecting clothing from students, businesses, and the public. The manufacturing supervisor in Bedford, Joseph Leary, is the parent of one of our students. He was more than willing to deliver the boxes to us when they would have only been thrown in recycling. The students from the Community Service and Leadership program were willing and happy to assemble and decorate these large boxes and distribute them across the campus of UNHM. Thank you, Segway! The students from the Warmth from the Millyard project are very appreciative of your contribution!”

November 16, 2011

Working with City Year NH!

Warmth from the Millyard is excited to announce a new partnership this year, with educational non-profit and leadership development organization City Year New Hampshire.  City Year is an Americorps program that recruits young people, ages 17-24, to spend 10 months serving as tutors and mentors to students in need in schools in metropolitan areas around the United States, London and South Africa.  City Year’s goals center around inhibiting the drop-out crisis with the help of teachers, schools and communities, and developing powerful young leaders in its corps to continue their efforts as engaged and active citizens beyond their year or years of service.

City Year New Hampshire is located in Manchester, NH, where corps members work in teams in six elementary schools (Henry Wilson Elementary, Parker-Varney Elementary, Gossler-Park Elementary, Beech Street Elementary, Bakersville Elementary and McDonough Elementary schools) where they spend 4 days a week in classrooms focusing on students who are having trouble with reading, writing and math, and helping teachers with overall classroom supports.  Corps members also spend time during recesses and lunches with students, acting as mentors and positive role models for students in social as well as academic settings.  Finally, the teams help run after-school programming, effectively supporting a lengthened school day where students are provided enriching, positive and fun opportunities in a safe and nurturing

This year, City Year will be helping to Warmth from the Millyard by supporting a clothing drive in its offices and providing volunteer support from Corps Members when the WFMY project needs extra hands.  We are very excited to have formed this relationship and look forward to its continuation and developments in the future!

~Jillian Trieff

To learn more about City Year NH, check out their website at:

November 15, 2011

So Thankful for the Efforts of the Hillside United Methodist Church

I just want to say that the people at the Hillside United Methodist Church are an amazing group! I am going this Sunday, November 13th, to have service with them and to tell them about how amazing it is that they are willing to help the Warmth From The Millyard warm clothing drive, and also they are doing something that truly SHOCKED me! The co-chair of the Outreach and Nurture Committee at the church, Nancy Garneau, and myself are planning ways to keep the warm clothing drive going, even when it ends on November 18th. We want to talk to The Way Home Organization and the International Institute of NH Organization and see if they would want more warm clothes for the winter. We are also going to talk to The Way Home and see if they would need things for the spring and summer months as well (clothes or household goods, or furniture)! I am so thankful that these generous people are willing to make enormous efforts to continue to help people. This has influenced me so much that when my community service learning class ends my efforts to help people who may be going through some hardships will not.

~ Danielle Gauthier

November 15, 2011

Success at Merrimack Elementary!

Our partnership with Merrimack Elementary School is going very well! At the start of this clothing drive, we were thrilled when Paula, Student Council Advisor at Merrimack Elementary, contacted Warmth from the Millyard to see how the school could get involved in the clothing drive. Since then, student Molly Miller at the University of New Hampshire has kept in contact with Paula to collaborate on the project and see how
WFMY can help support Merrimack Elementary in their clothing drive goals.

So far, it looks like Paula and the students are having great success in collecting clothes. Within three days, they had collected seven bags of clothing! Very impressive! On Friday, November 18th Molly will be meeting with the students who took part in the drive and collect the donated clothing to bring back to UNH Manchester to be sorted and then distributed.

Thank you, Merrimack Elementary for your hard work!!

~Molly Miller, Cathie Plante

November 14, 2011

D’s Hair Design!

D’s Hair Design in Auburn, NH has joined the Warmth From the Millyard team! The owner of the hair salon, Darlene Gonzales, has set up a bin to help collect warm clothes. She is very excited to be a part of such a wonderful project, and we are very excited to have her. She has already started collecting warm clothes, and is asking if there is anything else she can do. We would like to thank her for all her hard work and enthusiasm she has in this project.

~ Samantha Gonzales

November 11, 2011

Fleece Makes All the Difference

What were you doing when you were twelve? Most kids thought about their daily lives, school, friends, or simply how they fit into the world. Heather Monty found her place in the world by realizing how she could better the lives of those less fortunate than herself. Heather is the Founder and Director of Helping Across the Seas (H.A.T.S.) an organization that provides fleece hats for underprivileged or under-cared youth nationally and internationally. All the hats are sewn by middle school volunteers in Bedford NH with most of fleece material donated from a manufacturer. Along with providing fleece hats the organization has a focus on inspiring youth volunteers along with help facilitating their desire to better the world through acts of service.

Heather currently is a sophomore at Bates College in Lewiston, ME who helped her varsity rowing team take second place at NCAA national
championship. As a native New Englander she is excited to know through the partnership between H.A.T.S. and WFMY her hats will be donated locally. I am excited to see an organization founded and run by someone who at such a young age put the needs of people before herself. With organizations like H.A.T.S. teaming with WFMY our goal to warm the hearts and bodies throughout NH will be more easily achieved. This is a goal that fits well into both H.A.T.S. and WFMY missions.

Heather Monty is on the right.

H.A.T.S. can be found on the web at: Check it out!


~Kenneth Drews