Far-Away Georgians Visit The Millyard

Written by Herb Pence

Five college leaders from the Republic of Georgia, located on the eastern shore of the Black Sea, visited the UNH Manchester campus in March. They were on a U.S. Department of State sponsored visit to the U.S. The trip’s purpose was to expose them to university student governance and communication.

The delegation included Anna Dularidze, Deputy Director of the Student Alpinist Club, Ilia State University; Aleksandre Kotetishvili, studying to be a neurosurgeon and a member of the Student’s Self-Government at Tbilisi State Medical University; Giorgi Monavardisashvili, coordinator of ‘Students Employment Center of Georgia’, a non-governmental organization; Tamar Mrevlishvili, a student in the Department of Bankingand Finance, Batumi State University; and Nino Shengelaia, a member of Student Self-Government, Tbilisi State University.

They are part of a premier group of 4,500 international visitors selected annually to learn more about specific aspects of U.S. life. Each group spends between 15 and 21 days in the United States, visiting three to five cities across the country.

The delegation met with Ginger Lever, director of Marketing & Community Relations,and Elizabeth Brideau, a student intern, to learn more about the Warmth from the Millyard project. The Georgians were excited about the concept, as their country experiences cold weather, too. It is a project which can easily be implemented on their campuses.

This group was funded by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S.Department of State. Members were hosted nationally by Meridian International Centerand locally by the World Affairs Council of NH.


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