Working with Makeover Ministry of Manchester

I have been working in partnership with the Makeover Ministry of Manchester throughout this project as well as the majority of my life.  They are an extremely grateful recipient of the clothing we have donated to them. These donations allow them to provide clothing for all types of people who come every week, people in all different shapes and sizes.  This winter unfortunately many of the previous donor organizations that they typically receive clothing and donations from have not been able to provide for them.  There is a growing demand for items this year and many of the ‘usual’ donor organizations just do not have the products to distribute this year.

I know that the Makeover Ministry is extremely grateful to be involved with the Warmth From the Mill Yard project because not only have we been one of the only major clothing donors they have received anything from this year but also they said they appreciate the warmth and care we have expressed to them.  Unfortunately, they have actually had to turn away some families this year because there was simply not enough to go around for two consecutive weeks before we first started donated clothing. In Manchester alone there are over two hundred families each week that come in dire need of clean clothing, food, and hope, all of which the makeover ministry strives to supply.  Words truly cannot define how deeply appreciative the Makeover Ministry is of WFMY’s expression of kindness and the benefits that we have provided them with this year.  The Makeover Ministry hopes that they will remain a partner with the Warmth From the Mill Yard project in future years to come.

As a sidenote, I have also been working with the Board of Realtors and Prudential Verani who have generously donated well over 300 coats to our organization.

Thank you to all!

~Patrick Monahan


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