Reflections and Appreciation

How did the organizing process go for students of the WFMY project? Below are a few reflections from UNH Manchester students on what it was like to connect clothing donations with recipient organizations who will give out the clothes to those in need.

“It was funny to learn that PASS had also made a contact with Malden Mills who donated a great amount of polartec fleece for their blanket project. As my donor partner was my father, coordination was very easy. The new garments that he collected were some of the first brought it and the first to go out. The recipients had a specific need through the Manchester YWCA. It was very rewarding for me personally to, in a sense, “know” who was benefiting from this donation and to think how nice something brand new would be for a single mother of two. My dad has also committed to continue to donate any new garments once they are no longer needed by the sales department.” ~ Samantha Lang

“I worked with James Matriscola Elementary as a donor organization.  On November 18th, I went with two other students to the elementary school to meet the students and pick up the boxes.  Paula, the student council teacher, organized a drive at the elementary school with the student council.  They collected a remarkable amount of clothing and we brought it back to UNHM to be sorted.  On Nov 18th, I also delivered two bags of clothing to Child & Family Services.  They were so greatful and said, “Every little bit helps!” It was such an amazing feeling.  The clothing delivered to Child & Family Services goes to the runaway and homeless youth program.” ~Molly Miller

” My donor was Nashua Community College and Amy was the one who helped me a lot with this project. I really appreciate her help. I emptied the clothing boxes twice during this clothing drive. Thank you WFMY project and thank you Nashua Community College and staff.

“My recipient organization was Nashua Soup Kitchen. I have been there twice. The first time I went there, I asked how many clothes they needed and what kind of clothes they wanted. They told me that they only need jackets and sweaters. On November 18, I brought in a big bag of jackets and signed in their donor’s book with UNH Manchester as the donor.  They are now waiting for more, as much as we can give. The second time I visited them, many people were waiting in line for food and warm clothes. They were so happy to see somebody bringing in a big bag of warm clothes.” ~Straton Kabalisa


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