Reflections on WFMY

As WFMY reaches its final stages, UNH Manchester students were asked to share their reflections on the work they had done to organize this clothing drive. As student Courtney Smith shares,

“Both of the organizations that I was able to recruit as donors were at my parent’s workplace.  These businesses were Don Kennett’s and NDD Medical Technologies.  I was nervous in the beginning, thinking that I wasn’t going to be able to find donors but, I shortly realized that we were able to reach out to anyone and I chose the people that were closest to me, being my parents.

NDD was very successful in bringing in clothing.  Although they are a very small business consisting of only seven employees, they managed to bring in over 50 items.  Don Kennets, my dad’s work, is a little bigger and has 15 employees.  Kennett’s was only able to bring in 30 items, more than I originally thought and that’s all that matters!

With everyone’s participation, we are sure to make our goal of 3,000 items.  I was also in charge of DCYF and collecting clothing for them.  They needed clothing for 3 young children, 2 boys and a girl.  They mainly needed pants and sweatshirts.  I was able to collect a little over 20 items for them and they received it on November, 18th.”


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