Creating Lasting Connections

The Warmth from the Millyard project has reached its current position because of  the connections we‘ve all made. The connections between the members of our class, between PASS and UNHM, and between our donor and recipient organizations have all been at the forefront of the work being done. Without these relationships we’d have nothing to work with or for.

Heather Monty, of Helping Across the Seas (H.A.T.S.),  provided seventy hand knit hats to WFMY and was thrilled knowing the donation would go to local organizations. I hope the relationship will continue on in upcoming WFMY drives.

Families in Transition (F.I.T.) is an example of one of those caring local organizations WFMY has connected with for the good of the local community. F.I.T.’ s goal to aid individuals and families to break the cycle of homelessness works seamlessly with the WFMY goal to bring warm clothing to New Hampshire. Hopefully it’s another connection that will continue on in future years, possibly with hand-knit hats for children.

I’d like to thank both H.A.T.S. (Helping Across the Seas) and F.I.T. (Families in Transition) for making this relationship such a great one. I can only hope that these two great organizations continue their work in the community and that their connection with WFMY will be a part of their on-going success.

~Kenneth Drews

Meeting with Heather Monty from H.A.T.S. by the WFMY Storage Locker


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