A Busy Friday of Bagging and Bonding

UNH Manchester students were hard at work today in the final days of the Warmth from the Millyard project! The morning began with a planning session in the classroom to determine what needed to be accomplished but students quickly went in different directions as some drove to pick up clothes from donor organizations like Merrimack Elementary while others went downstairs to begin sorting the received clothing and putting together orders for recipient organizations.

It was a great experience to watch the process unfold and see the students come together as a team to make this clothing drive happen. At 10:15, everyone rejoined in the classroom to participate in a Skype call with their partners from the Manchester School of Technology PASS Program. During this call, the UNH and PASS students updated each other about how many clothes they had collected, where they were in the process, and how this project has impacted them.

Skyping with PASS students!

During our sorting session, we received an extremely generous donation from Jim Martin with the Department of Environmental Services. As we unloaded the items from his car, Martin was able to meet Barbara Buccino from Makeover Ministry, an organization that will be receiving many articles of clothing from this clothing drive.

Barbara, in the green sweatshirt, beside Jim Martin of DES

The contributions of the DES ranged from new to used clothing and filled our small storage locker almost to capacity! Thank you, DES!

Although November 18th marks the end of the WFMY clothing drive, it is not the end for the students of CSL 401! There is still clothing that needs to be sorted and delivered before the celebration of another successful WFMY drive can begin!

Keep up the good work!


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