So Thankful for the Efforts of the Hillside United Methodist Church

I just want to say that the people at the Hillside United Methodist Church are an amazing group! I am going this Sunday, November 13th, to have service with them and to tell them about how amazing it is that they are willing to help the Warmth From The Millyard warm clothing drive, and also they are doing something that truly SHOCKED me! The co-chair of the Outreach and Nurture Committee at the church, Nancy Garneau, and myself are planning ways to keep the warm clothing drive going, even when it ends on November 18th. We want to talk to The Way Home Organization and the International Institute of NH Organization and see if they would want more warm clothes for the winter. We are also going to talk to The Way Home and see if they would need things for the spring and summer months as well (clothes or household goods, or furniture)! I am so thankful that these generous people are willing to make enormous efforts to continue to help people. This has influenced me so much that when my community service learning class ends my efforts to help people who may be going through some hardships will not.

~ Danielle Gauthier


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