WFMY- 5th Annual Warm clothing Drive

Get Ready! Warmth from the Millyard’s 5th Annual Warm Clothing Drive will begin this year on October 31st! The Clothing drive will run from Monday October 31st until Friday November 18th. This year we would like to welcome our new partners from the PASS program at the Manchester School of Technology.

The students from the PASS program have joined together and are becoming terrific leaders and community members as they create their own warm clothing drive. I have been visiting PASS twice a week to see the progress they are making and to deliver the news and progress from Kate Hanson’s UNH Manchester Community Service and Leadership class.

The Students of PASS have created a website  specifically for their part of the drive and the site also features a link to their blogs that are focused on this project with a theme for community based learning.

The students at UNH Manchester and PASS are creating and maintaining partnerships within our community and we would like to share them and the progress we are making as we set out on our 5th annual warm clothing drive. As well as recognize and thank our partners this far.

PASS partners:

  • Hanover Chop House
  • Heritage Plumbing
  • NH Realtors Assoc.
  • Segway.
  • Manchester School of Technology

Students from PASS went on a field trip to Heritage Plumbing. Segway and the PASS students have arranged an opportunity to take a Segway guided tour of historic Manchester.

UNH Manchester Partners:

  • Lions Club
  • Segway
  • Malden Mills
  • Morgan Storage
  • Hillside United Methodist Church
  • H.A.T.S.
  • Langer Place
  • City Year NH
  • Applaud Women
  • Marketing Mix
  • NHBSR/Stay, Play

This week UNH Manchester students have worked really hard on creating the many aspects of what it takes to run a warm clothing drive and will soon be showing off some strong vehicles of communication between all the students involved in our warm clothing drive, our partners and our community.

Please check here for more details about our drive and the progress between PASS and UNH Manchester!






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