Check out Manchester Continuum of Care- You’ll be Glad that You Did!

There are hundreds of really great organizations doing really awesome things in Manchester, no one can deny that.  You may not have heard of  Manchester Continuum of Care  , but they are an organization that stands out in their initiatives to create awareness about and help end homelessness in the Queen City.   MCoC is a collaborative of dozens of organizations that both research, fund, and implement programs to support the goal of ending Manchester homelessness in 10 years.

One of their initiatives, Project Homeless Connect, is a whole day event in December that is basically akin to a career or college fair.  In one place, Manchester residents in need can find everything they might be searching for, from haircuts to housing consultations.  In 2009, this project served over 125 NH residents.

The Point in Time Count is an accurate tally of the homeless population.  Volunteers are sent out into the city and count each homeless resident and family that they encounter.  This provides much needed data on both the local and national level, which affects important decisions that are made regarding this population.  The next Point in Time Count wil be on Wednesday, June 29th.  Volunteers are in special demand for this event.

MCoC’s Annual Homeless Needs Assessment is an important and empowering initiative.  MCoC staff and volunteers survey the city’s homeless residents, asking about their demographics, history, and the services that they’re not currently receiving which they need to be.  This survey gives a voice to people who are many times powerless, and lets them communicate their story and their needs.

The Homeless Service Center is a brilliant idea to come out of MCoC.  Many area shelters require residents to leave during the day.  For many people, this means a day outdoors with nowhere to go.  For some, this can be an unsafe situation.  The service center is a daytime shelter, providing people who need it a safe, indoor facility until they can return to the overnight shelters.

We at Warmth From the Millyard encourage you to check out MCoC’s website by clicking on any of the links in this post.  Their research on our city is eye opening, and their initiatives to be a solution to the problems of homelessness, and of those faced by people who are without affordable housing, are inspiring.  Volunteers are needed for all of their events, and we encourage you to get involved if you are so moved.  Great work, MCoC! You are an asset to our community!


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