Warm Weather Seasons are a Great Time to Host Winter Clothing Drives

Just take it from the folks in the Global Awareness Club at New England College…

Henniker, NH- After the first week, the boxes were bare- and they began to get nervous. Yet, Caitlyn Mattil and her fellow members of Global Awareness at New England College continued to check the boxes they had plac

Fellowship Housing Opportunities in Concord, NH

ed around campus in their clothing drive for Concord’s Fellowship Housing Opportunities.

The partnership developed in March when Miss Mattil found a posting from Fellowship Housing on a volunteer website run by UNH Manchester’s Warmth From the Millyard project. The posting asked for warm clothing items. Being seasoned college students, Miss Mattil and her friends knew that the end of the semester was a perfect time to hold a clothing drive, as students are packing their things to head home for the summer. She says that, “Students usually don’t have a lot of money to donate to fundraisers, …but with spring coming up I figured that people might be willing to part with their winter gear.” And she was right. One day at the end of April, on their routine box check they found them all full. The clothing kept rolling in, eventually filling an entire van.

No one was more excited than Fellowship Housing’s Kathy Michael. While collecting winter clothing in the spring may seem counterintuitive, to the nonprofits that distribute the clothing it is a godsend. “Even though spring and summer are not a time that coats are in use, it would give us a stockpile to have ready for the upcoming fall. Thanks to the Global Awareness team at NEC for a job well done! We can’t thank you enough, and now we are one step ahead for the upcoming winter.”, says Ms. Michael.

The Global Awareness club also found it a rewarding experience. In reference to the club, Miss Mattil reports that, “We were all really happy to be able to help the Fellowship Housing to get more coats for next winter, and it felt really great to know that something we’d done would actually make a difference in the lives of people around us.” They are already planning a future drive for Fellowship Housing Opportunities, as well as volunteering to assist with other projects.

In its first year, New England College’s Global Awareness Club aims to foster more understanding about local, national, and global social issues amongst NEC students, and to promote volunteerism both on and off campus. For more information contact Caitlyn Mattil at cmatil10@nec.edu.

Fellowship Housing Opportunities, Inc. offers decent, affordable housing and quality behavioral health services that promote recovery from mental illness. For more information about donating to Fellowship Housing Opportunities, contact Kathy Michael at 603-225-1767 x 201 or kmichael@fellowshiphousing.org.

The mission of Warmth From the Millyard is to mobilize NH communities in clothing drives and other projects to demonstrate our collective power to address the needs of our neighbors through collaborative partnerships. Since 2007, they have helped the community collect over 24,000 items of warm clothing. WFMY is a collaborative partnership between UNH Manchester, the UNH Community Leadership program, and generous community partners like you. Reach us at 603-641-4360 or Anna.Carrigan@unh.edu .

Want to help create a cold-weather stockpile for your favorite agency this summer?  Call or email Anna with the contact info above and she’ll get you started!  Do your neighbors a favor by helping rid them of space-absorbing, unwanted winter gear, and help your community out by passing it along to people who can make good use of it!  All that’s missing is you!


One Comment to “Warm Weather Seasons are a Great Time to Host Winter Clothing Drives”

  1. What a great story! What a great effort!
    And don’t forget garage/yard sales. You can find some great stuff at them and pay pennies rather than dollars!

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