WFMY and Manchester School District


Great news! WFMY will be honored Monday April 11th at the Manchester School District School Board Meeting for their work in coordinating a partnership between Selma Deitch at Parker Varney and the Bedford Seniors.


One Comment to “WFMY and Manchester School District”

  1. See the full press release here:

    Bedford Seniors Partner with Warmth From the Millyard and Selma Deitch Early Learning Program to Provide Clothing for Manchester Children

    Bedford, NH- In January, Bedford Seniors, Bedford’s organization for their ‘more experienced’ citizens both in and around Bedford, partnered with the Selma Deitch Early Learning Program in Manchester. Selma Deitch serves 350 preschool children at four of Manchester’s elementary schools, and they are always in need of warm clothing for their young participants.

    The partnership was developed when Nancy Berry of Bedford Seniors contacted Warmth From the Millyard (WFMY), UNH Manchester’s warm clothing drive collaborative, to find an organization to donate to. WFMY connected Nancy with the Selma Deitch Early Learning Program, who explained their warm clothing needs for the children.

    The members of Bedford Seniors responded enthusiastically and collected many bags of new clothing for the children of Selma Deitch. Andrea L’Esperance of Selma Deitch says, ”Because of the generosity of the Bedford Seniors, we not only met the immediate personal needs of a number of students, but we also have extra clothing to use when a child has a spill or accident while at school. They then bought the therapists 2 special adaptive toys that our children with multiple disabilities use to learn and play. On behalf of our children and families we thank The Bedford Seniors for their generosity. They went above and beyond our expectations!”

    The Bedford Seniors also found it a rewarding experience. Berry says, “It is our hope that this will be an ongoing relationship and it certainly is one that has gotten off to a good start. It has been a “feel good “experience all around.” Staff at WFMY could not be more pleased at this continuing relationship, and wish both participants great success in their future work together.

    The Bedford Seniors provide education and social activities, such as meetings, luncheons, and trips, focused on topics relevant to seniors. They also serve the community by donating to local organizations- they have a monthly food collection and are open to requests for volunteers for various school and local projects. For more information contact club Presidents Bill at 603-471-0306 or Will at 603-488-2009.

    For more information on donating to Selma Deitch Early Learning Program, contact Andrea L’Esperance of the Manchester School District at 603-624-6326, or Nancy Berry of Bedford Seniors at 603-668-6116, .

    The mission of Warmth From the Millyard is to mobilize NH communities in clothing drives and other projects to demonstrate our collective power to address the needs of our neighbors through collaborative partnerships. Since 2007, they have helped the community collect over 24,000 items of warm clothing. WFMY is a collaborative partnership between UNH Manchester, the UNH Community Leadership program, and generous community partners like you. Reach us at 603-641-4360 or .

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