STAY Kid’s have collected close to 400 items of clothing!!

WFMY is very proud to report that the Hillside Middle School STAY students have completed their warm clothing drive as part of the Warmth From The Millyard Project. They collected close to 400 pieces of clothing that will be delivered to The Friends of Forgotten Children in Penacook, NH!!!

Thank you to their wonderful teacher Hannah Finnegan, all the students, especially those strong boys who loaded up the van today!

The students and their teacher Hannah Finnegan enlisted the help of the students and staff of Hillside Middle School, along with the Downtown and Allard Center YMCA’s in their collection efforts. STAY is a school based support program for Manchester Middle School Students that is run by the YMCA.  There is one STAY (Support, Tutoring, and Adventure for Youth) class at each of the four Middle Schools.

The STAY students recently visited UNH Manchester to assist the Community Leadership students sort, count and bag clothing that had been collected as a part of the UNH Manchester clothing drive. In addition, they were given a tour of the Manchester campus.

Many thanks to the Hillside Middle School students for their efforts!!



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