UNH-Manchester’s First Donor

Professor Halpin’s Diversity of Life class is UNH- Manchester’s first donors of the 2010 drive!!

On Oct. 26, 2010 Professor Patricia Halpin’s Diversity of Life Course became the first to donate to the 2010 UNH Manchester warm clothing drive.  They brought in over two bags of warm clothing that will keep Manchester residents toasty this winter.  They also were the first to hang their ‘donor’ mittens on the Warmth From the Millyard Mitten Tree, which is on display on the third floor of UNH Manchester’s main building.  Professor Halpin’s students have a dedicated history in participating in the WFMY project through clothing donations as well as through an academic perspective.  Each year they research the effects of cold on the human body.  One of them was read at the WFMY Kick-Off event on October 27th.  When asked about having her students participate in the 2010 drive Professor Halpin said, “I am interested in having my classes participate. I want to keep my track record going.”  We are so thankful that she did!  So once again, thank you Professor Halpin and all of the talented students in your Tuesday afternoon Diversity of Life course.  Your contributions to this project and the larger community are noticed and greatly appreciated!


To read some of the papers written by this class about the effects of cold weather check out the link at the top called Diversity of Life!!


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