Concord Law Firm Tarbell and Brodich P.A. Partners with Friends of Forgotten Children

Dedicated to meeting the needs of a diverse clientele, Tarbell & Brodich Professional
Association is a general practice law firm based in Concord, New Hampshire since 1992.
With a commitment to providing statewide service for individuals, businesses, corporate
groups, and other organizations, they provide prompt, efficient, and courteous support
and assistance for clients at reasonable rates.

Their approach is to identify and solve legal issues quickly and in the most cost-effective
manner. Their objective is to counsel and collaborate with our clients in making wise
choices in their individual and business concerns in order to avoid legal pitfalls – as well
as the economic and emotional strains associated with them. With the strength of an
experienced team, their goal is to bring most legal issues to a calm, even, and satisfactory
resolution, with as little stress as possible.

Tarbell & Brodich Professional Association has an excellent team of six attorneys and
several paralegals – all of whom are committed to meeting your goals.

Tarbell and Brodich is currently running a drive with Warmth From the Millyard through
early December. All 16 employees in their Concord NH office will participate. For their
community partner they have chosen Concord NH’s Friends of Forgotten Children.

Friends of Forgotten Children is a dynamic grassroots organization that helps to meet the
needs of families and individuals in Concord and the surrounding communities with the
focus on meeting the needs for a happy healthy childhood.

The Friends of Forgotten Children organization strives to assist families with getting the
basic life needs of food, clothes, furniture, household goods and holiday gifts, when these
cannot be met. The idea behind this is simply that if the family is not using their time
and energy to locate these items, they are then able to focus on the important issue, their

These clothing needs donations will be met by the team at Tarbell and Brodich. For
more information on Tarbell and Brodich P.A. you can visit their website at

Warmth From the Millyard at UNH Manchester and the Community Leadership Program thanks them greatly for signing on as our
Community Partner!!!


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