West Running Brook Kid’s Care Club

This year the Kids Care Club has taken on the WFMY clothing drive and has matched with Southern NH Headstart to meeting their clothing needs this winter season!

At West Running Brook Middle School, one of two middle schools in Derry, they have a very special group of students that are part of a club called Kids Care Club. Audrey Allen and Barbara Dupont are the advisors of that group.  They do many things to help their community.
The Kids Care Club’s biggest event is their third annual ‘Walk with West’ which is 5k Community Walk-a-thon.  Next year it is on Wednesday, 9/28/2011.  They hope to have 500 walkers including staff, students, parents and members of their community.  The objectives of their fund-raiser are to promote their school’s philosophy that ‘Communities Create Connections’ and to promote health and wellness, especially among their students.
All proceeds they raise are used for two community service projects.  As they have in the past, they will buy gift cards for the less fortunate for gas, groceries, and clothing. They also give monetary donations to families experiencing hardships such as a home fire, or have a sick family member that they have to make frequent trips for treatment. It is also their hope to put some towards landscaping their school grounds. This year they made over $4,000 which they are putting to good use!
The generous Kids Care Club has also raised money to buy oil (Fred Fuller matched our $1,000 purchase 3 years ago). They’ve also had sock drives, collected items for our soldiers over seas, collected pet food, and much more.

One Comment to “West Running Brook Kid’s Care Club”

  1. Great work West Running Brook Kids Care Club! Each of you are an inspiration to your school and community. Thank you for being fabulous community service leaders! Thank you to your advisers too. They are great community service leaders and role models! The Warmth From the Millyard and the Community Leadership Class at UNH Manchester appreciates your efforts on behalf of those in need. Keep up the good work!

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