Web- Based Matching Sytem

On September 17th we launched the web based matching system! In partnership with Volunteer NH the Warmth from the Millyard is pleased and proud to offer it as a service and as a vehicle to further our community impact.

The web- matching system allows donor organizations to login in to our website and select a social service agency in need of clothing. This allows a personal relationship to be created between the two groups as well as a feeling of community involvement in a much fuller sense than traditional clothing drives allow.

Web- based matching is a more effective tool for social service agencies, as it allows them to request and have collected items that their clients need. Many times when clothing is donated that is not useable by the agency, they are left to make arrangements for its removal. This takes away time and resources that they could by using to fulfill their missions and assist those who need their services.

That matching tool also helps create a sustainable organizational structure for WFMY’s efforts in the community. By no longer having to collect, sort, and deliver clothing, that staff and volunteers at WFMY are able to apply our time and energy to furthering our mission of community collaboration, and our goal of bring WFMY to the entire state of New Hampshire.

Currently students in the UNH Community Leadership class is working very hard to get donor organizations to match up with recipient organizations.

We have several social service agencies already logging in! And our first school group to sign up- Kids Care Club from West Running Brook Middle School!!

Check us out on http://volunteer.truist.com/volunteer-nh/volunteer look for the WFMY logo and click learn more 🙂


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